Top Trends in Shower Screen Melbourne to Watchout

Shower screen Melbourne

Shower screen Melbourne: We made it as far as 2021! It’s the time of year we take a look at what will be in style for the year and what you want to get rid of. Your year to shine is 2021! Keeping your bathroom modern and lively is essential, whether you are doing a bathroom redesign or constructing a new home!

Whether it’s stunning tiles or a striking vanity, a glass shower screen Melbourne provides a clean and uncluttered appearance. It helps your bathroom’s decorative features shine. Glass shower screens maintain the presentation light and smooth. They do not clash with other design features in your bathroom for focus, which is particularly valuable in smaller spaces.

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Shower screen Melbourne

Semi-frameless Shower Screen Melbourne for the bathroom

For a bit, semi-frameless shower displays have been around but are re-surfacing as a 2020 must-have. Semi-frameless shower screen Melbourne come in various colours of glass, frosted glass that allows you to complement the rest of your bathroom seamlessly with colour. Semi-frameless shower screens are convenient as they can be adjusted in several different ways. Meaning you can mount them based on your needs in any part of your room.

Bathtubs and sinks freestanding

The epitome of building a spacious bathroom is freestanding baths. Nothing comes close to the visual effect they make, an instant way to elevate the style of your bathroom. In your Shower Screen Melbourne, they add an instant ‘wow-factor and are totally flexible. Freestanding baths are perfect because you can put them in your bathroom almost anywhere. A classic bathroom and one that surely won’t go out of style are freestanding bathtubs.

SShower Screen Melbourne

Heated floors for bathroom

Luxury at best. Imagine stepping bare-feet into your bathroom without having to think about your toes freezing off. Well, there is a remedy, in fact, and it’s called heated floors in the bathroom. A prevalent issue is walking on cold feet while going to the toilet at night! A function of the bathroom that will certainly be trending for the year 2021. The best advantage of flooring systems for bathrooms is their ability to heat a room and the floor equally.

Fixtures with Matte

In the kitchen and the bathroom, the new texture trend… Matte (predominantly black) fixtures give a sharp, fresh and modern appearance. A bold and robust paint, effortlessly striking and visibly visible, is Matte black. Matte fixtures look extra luxurious and elegant, but they are perfect for covering dirt and dust. If you like to add a new look to your bathroom, it will not be missed.

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