Why Had Glass Splashbacks Been So Popular till Now?

Glass splashbacks

The glass splashbacks in your kitchen are going to be a focal point for family and friends alike, so choosing the right splashback is important. There’s a lot to pick from when it comes to colours, designs, and textures, because it depends on what you look for, how much you want to spend for, and how extended you want it to latter as to what you choose.

Let’s take a look at the materials with that in mind. When it originates to what to place in your kitchen, you can pick from Glass, Perspex, Slates or Stainless Steel, to name a few.

Glass Splashbacks


First, whether you want a really industrial look at your kitchen, stainless steel would be omitted. Not only can the appearance of your room be cheapened, but it quickly marks fingerprints and dandruff and is more challenging to clean than any other alternative.


The old glass splashbacks style has always been tiled. Back when these were popular, this was your only choice. Today tiles are making a comeback, and people still assume they’re a cheaper option, but be careful of that assumption. They’re more widely used when you want to give a federation look and sound to a contemporary home.

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Glass splashbacks

Splashback with Perspex

There is an increasing number of suppliers hopping on the Perspex truck of DIY splashbacks. They’re now used as a perfect alternative to glass because they’re much smaller, plus you can mount them yourself, contributing to substantial cost savings.

The most significant drop in Perspex is that it’s not as easy to deal with as they would want you to believe and get those tidy cuts across the windows. At the junctions, it’s pretty rough for the general handyman.

Splashback with glass

When you ask about water, the first thing anyone appears to rush to is the expense of a glass splashback. It is right that the price of glass splashback might be higher than the above alternatives, but be mindful that you don’t just look at the upfront costs. When pricing your Glass Splashbacks options, make sure you’re looking at long-term risks as well.

If you’re just hunting for inexpensive kitchen glass splashbacks, then maybe the glass isn’t for you, but let’s be honest here. You’ve probably already spent a lot of money installing the kitchen of your dreams. About the cost of it, the glass splashback is likely to be proportional to the total cost.