Five Facts You Never Knew About Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

melbourne airport parking rates

Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

The question that may cross your mind after you have been to the Melbourne International Airport is “what do I need to know about parking at this airport”. The first thing that you need to know is that the airport in Victoria has two parking facilities, the main airport terminal and a new car park across the road known as ‘managed parking’. At both the main and managed parking lots, there are five facts that you need to know about.

These facts pertain to the prices, the rules and the regulations that govern parking in each of the four zones that make up the Melbourne airport parking rates. In addition, there are also short term and long term parking options available at the airport and along the pedestrian walkways in each zone.

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melbourne airport parking rates

The first fact that you need to know about Melbourne airport parking rates is that the rate for parking on the airport’s main site is the highest in Australia. Despite that, it is also the busiest airport in the country with over thirteen million visitors making the majority of their trips. The rate for parking at the main site starts at ten dollars for an hour. Of course, if you don’t want to pay that much you can park for free under certain circumstances including paying with a credit card, displaying a parking pass and on specified days and hours.

Second, you need to know about the ‘managed’ parking that is provided on the airport car park grounds. If you choose to park your car at the ‘Managed’ parking area you will be able to pay according to the zone that you are in. The rate for parking in this zone is fifteen dollars per hour. If you decide not to use the managed parking, you will be charged seven dollars for an hour. Again, both the short term and long term parking options are available at the airport car park.

Third, there is no grace period during which your parking will be free. Once your parking period expires, you will have to pay the full rate. The rate for parking at the airport can increase up to thirty-five dollars during these periods. That’s a thirty dollar increase in just one day!

Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

Fourth, if you own more than one car, you will be charged extra fees for each car that you park on the same day. This is true whether you are using the airport car park or not. What you need to understand is that the taxicab rates that apply to all users of the airport’s services are different than the one that applies to car parking. Taxis and other similar services are exempt from this rate. You are still charged an entrance fee to use the airport services. However, you are not charged extra for parking your car in the airport’s car park.

Fifth, if you own a vintage car, you may not be able to use certain car facilities onsite. The same is also true for any car that is over 25 years old. Certain businesses such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame are only open to people who have a car registered in their name. If you have an older car and do not have a license, you are not eligible for admittance into this special area. So, if you want to take your car along with you when visiting Melbourne, you may want to consider another parking option besides the Melbourne airport car park.

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